Sa vz. 61 Skorpion Build 


$150.00 - Modify full auto parts to semi auto and assemble parts kit onto stripped Czech Small Arms lower receiver and test fire.  

$75.00 - Press barrel into upper receiver and install barrel pin.  

$285.00 - Refinish - Cerakote Graphite Black.  Includes 2 magazines and folding stock.

$65.00 - Drill and tap rear of D-Technik lower receiver to mount your folding stock adapter plate (Form 1 approval required).  

$75.00 - Offered only with Cerakote Refinish. Engrave SBR information under receiver beside trigger guard.  Trigger guard removed and riveted back into position.  This is additional time and effort, but well worth it to provide discreet Form 1 markings.  Note: Engraving results are best when refinished afterwards which provides an even transition between metal and Cerakote finish (as shown in the photo below).