Q: What is the turnaround time on gunsmith work? 

A:  It depends on the type of job and our current workload.  It can be as little as one week turnaround for pressing in a vz. 61 barrel or 2 to 3 months for a vz.58 build. You can send an email to us detailing the work you need and we'll confirm turnaround timeframe.   

Q:  Who’s going to work on my vz. 58 or vz. 61?  

A: You’re in luck - it’s going to be me!   This may change in the future as we grow, but as of now I (Dan Brown) will be taking care of your vz. 58 or vz. 61 personally.    

Q: Can I call by phone or is email preferred?

We prefer that all communication is performed through email and the Service Request Form.  Emails are preferred rather than phone calls for two reasons:  1) regarding time, it is much more efficient to use email and 2) email provides accuracy in communication and serves as an excellent reference.  

Sometimes a phone call is ideal to clarify a point of confusion and we’ll be happy to call you to discuss, but that would be more the exception than the norm.  If you need to call us, our number is 865-236-3466, but we ask that you begin the communication with an email and/or submit a Service Request Form.  

Q: If I send an email, how soon can I expect a reply?  

A: We will reply to all emails no later than the end of the following business day. 

Q: What type of payment methods do you accept? 

A:  The only acceptable form of payment is debit card or credit card.   No fee to use your card.   We accept MC/Visa/Discover credit cards and debit cards.  We do not accept checks or money orders. When the firearm is ready to ship, a secure payment link will be emailed to you to complete the payment.   

Q: Do you charge sales tax?  

A: We charge sales tax only on work provided to Tennessee state residents. 

Q: When the work is complete, is it necessary for Samopal to ship my rifle to an FFL Dealer so it can be returned to me?

A: If you are already the owner, no FFL Dealer is involved.  If you send a stripped receiver or rifle to us from your home or work address, we will mail the rifle to the address you listed as "shipped from."  Since you are already the owner of the firearm, the rifle will ship directly to you without the need for an FFL Dealer.  NOTE:  We mail the rifle back to the address you had shipped from.  We do not mail to a new address.  

Q: What shipping method can I use to send my rifle or stripped receiver to Samopal?

A: United States Post Service ONLY

Samopal can no longer use UPS or FEDEX.  UPS and FEDEX now require firearms to be shipped from an FFL Dealer to an FFL Dealer.  In addition, there are further restrictions that prevent Samopal from using their services.   NOTE:  HANDGUNS/PISTOLS CAN NOT BE SHIPPED BY US MAIL. 

Q: How do I ship a vz. 58 pistol or vz. 61 pistol to you? 

A: You will need to find an FFL Dealer who will ship the "pistol" to us.  They will most likely charge you a fee for this service.  When the work is complete, your FFL Dealer will need to send a shipping label to Samopal to return your "pistol" to them.  Then you will need to pick up your "pistol" from your Dealer.  


Q: Do I need a Shipping Authorization # before I ship my firearm to Samopal?  

A: Yes, absolutely.  Please do not ship any items to Samopal without a Shipping Authorization # (SA#).  When service(s) and quote are confirmed and you want to ship your firearm to us, we'll reply with SA# and detailed shipping instructions.  

Q: Do I pay for return shipping?  

A: Yes, you are responsible for return shipping, Adult Signature and any optional insurance.  Samopal does not charge any additional handling charges.  In other words, no additional fees applied by us. 

Q: Does Samopal allow customers to visit or drop off their firearm?  

A: No. We are unable to accept customer visits.  We operate online only and are not set up to see walk in visitors.

Q: What if I’m not happy with gunsmith work provided by Samopal?

A:  If you’re not happy, let us know and we’ll make it right!