$865.00:  build price with your vz. 58 FOLDING STOCK parts kit and your receiver.  

$795.00: build price with your vz. 58 FIXED STOCK parts kit and your receiver

OPTIONAL - $625.00:  Tortort receiver for build (includes cost of Samopal manufacturer engraving).  Send e-mail for details.   

Build prices above include the following:

* refinish in imported Czech baked-on enamel paint (your choice of Blue or Grey finish).   Includes refinishing 2 aluminum magazines provided by you.  

* press barrel out of parts kit receiver stub (will use piston stop from this receiver stub).  

* populate stripped barrel with gas block and front sight base.  

* press barrel into receiver (new barrel pin provided by Samopal).

* full auto trigger mechanism converted to semi auto (safety holder and spacer parts for trigger mechanism provided by Samopal).

* rivet trigger guard and trigger assembly spring (rivets provided by Samopal).

* pin and weld your supplied muzzle attachment to ensure the barrel is 16 inches or more in length.  Samopal has muzzle brakes in stock if you need one.  Price for the muzzle break part is $55.00.  

* weld push-down plate onto bolt carrier to prevent misfires commonly called "The Gremlin" (push-down plate provided by Samopal).

* engrave selector markings ("F" and "S") onto receiver (this position has the selector lever move rearward to FIRE, downward for SAFE and forward for SAFE (no engraving for forward SAFE position)

* test fire using 7 rounds Full Metal Jacket and 7 rounds Hollow Point.    

* sighted-in at 25 yards (target included with your rifle)   

* build letter confirming your rifle was built by Samopal

Optional:  $85.00 - Selector Lever Modification - Used by Czech Small Arms vz. 58 rifles and pistols. 

Includes the following:

* mill the safety selector lever so when the lever is pushed forward, that is the fire position.  Advantage:  increased ergonomics as hand can remain on pistol grip when moving lever from Safe to Fire unlike unmodified selector lever.

  * drill receiver and install selector lever stop so the selector will only move to two positions:  forward to FIRE and downward for SAFE.  Selector stop prevents the safety selector from moving rearward.

* engrave "F" and "S" in corresponding locations for the modified safety selector lever.  

*** Attention Assault Weapons of Ohio and Ohio Rapid Fire Receiver Owners ***

We no longer offer rifle build or gunsmithing services on AWO or Ohio Rapid Fire receivers due to the excessive amount of time it takes to hand-fit parts for these receivers.  

Not all receivers have all of these problems.  Receivers are inconsistent and may have only a few problems while others have several more.  Just a few examples of what we have experienced with these receivers:  piston stop does not come close to fitting receiver, incorrect height of bolt rails related to barrel height prevent bolt from going into battery (lower lip on bolt face impacts on rear of casing), feed ramp location to chamber opening results in failure to feed (FMJ bullet tips hit under chamber opening),  trigger assembly flat spring rivet hole in receiver and receiver cover pin safety pin hole in receiver are distanced incorrectly resulting in safety pin slipping off flat spring, magazine catch spring hole is actually an open space and results in a kinked/bent magazine catch spring, rear sight flat spring retention slot not cut correctly, and etc...  

Sa vz. 58 Rifle Build

We build the most authentic vz. 58 rifle using your parts and your receiver!  

The vz. 58 is a design like no other and we have 14 years of working on these rifles daily.   

No one in the USA knows the vz. 58 as well as we do and we'll build a rifle that you'll be proud to own!

Samopal vz. 58 Rifle Build Video    *Includes Before and After Review*

Actual Build Letter and 25 Yard Target provided to customer