Czech Military Markings

Price: $115.00

* Now offering custom date for additional $20.00.  Substitute the year "59" for your choice of any date *

Our Czech military markings can be added to any receiver that has a blank space in the rear sight base area. Tortort receivers are an example of this.  

Details of our military markings:  

  •  "she" is the factory code for Česká Zbrojovka Uherský Brod.  The "crossed swords" symbol is the military acceptance mark and "59" is the production date.  The 5 digit number is the rifle serial number and the letter suffix corresponds to that 5 digit number sequence.  

  • All Czech markings you see in the photo and video will be used on your receiver except we'll replace serial # "58063" with the serial # on your receiver.  The letter suffix will remain "k"  

  • These military markings are found on all original military vz. 58 rifles and we are excited to offer these markings for your receiver.  








Video of Czech Military Markings

Czech Military Markings

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