M95 Czech Desert Camouflage

Price:  $795.00 

  • The M95 Desert Camouflage is a two color pattern taken directly from a current issue Czech military uniform.   

  • We photographed the pattern, converted it to vector art and manufacture our own stencils in-house.   

  • Finish is Cerakote and is a custom mix two color finish.  

  • Your vz. 58 will be completely disassembled and blasted and each part is individually sprayed with brown color for the base finish. The vz. 58 is then carefully assembled, stencil pattern applied and the sand color finish sprayed.  

  • The camouflage pattern you see on the rifle will be the same layout that will be applied to your rifle (not exact of course as it's not possible to apply this extensive pattern identically each time).   Pins and screws will be be refinished or left blued as shown in the photos.  We think this makes a striking contrast to the camo pattern.  

  • If you are looking to refinish your rifle, but want something with a dynamic look then this job is for you! 

Additional Notes:  

  • The glass-filled nylon furniture used by Czech Small Arms has 25% glass and is extremely tough due to this glass.  For this reason, light blasting will reveal a somewhat rough and uneven texture in areas when compared to polymer from other manufacturers and this will be seen and felt under the Cerakote finish.  Some people notice this and others do not.   
  • Different parts may show some slight variation in intensity of color due to the material.