I wouldn't blame you if you hit the back button.  I'd skip this part too!  

Early Background

I grew up learning about firearms from my father (6 ft, 7 in. gorilla type) who was a police offer, firearms instructor, and gunsmith.   A real tough ass, but I learned a lot - often the hard way!  I continued to learn about firearms in my time with the US Marine Corps (Bravo Co. Weapons Platoon, 1st Battalion, 1st Marines) and this has never slowed.  It has evolved from shooting/training to gunsmithing and design.  This journey led to my passion of Czech firearms - focusing specifically on prototypes and serial production from the 1940s through the 1980s.  The vz. 58 and vz. 61 are two designs that really stand out during this time period.  

13 Years Experience with the Sa vz. 58

In 2008, I assisted Czech Small Arms (formerly known as D-Technik) to create CzechPoint (US importer of CSA products) and worked at CzechPoint for 12 years. I left a grinding corporate job to do this and never looked back!  While working there, I had designed and co-designed a variety of vz. 58 and vz. 61 parts and accessories with Czech Small Arms and had been involved in testing and evaluation of new replacement parts and prototypes that included parts, accessories and firearms.  

In 2018 I consulted the US Army regarding vz. 58 replacement parts.  This resulted in coordination and fulfillment of parts to a US Army base abroad to refurbish vz. 58 rifles used by our allies.  I've visited the Czech Small Arms factory a number of times for cross-training (actually, I went for the Czech beer) and I'm an author on two Sa vz. 58 patents for CzechPoint.  Regarding patents...  it sounds way more impressive than it actually is.  I feel very fortunate to have had the opportunity to learn about these firearms while working at CzechPoint and with Czech Small Arms.  It was a great experience!  

Sa vz. 58 Promotion, TV and Film

Being a huge fan of the vz. 58 design, I've made efforts to spread the word over the years through videos, magazine publishers, social media and trade shows.  I've worked with firearm rental companies in Toronto - Ontario, New York City - New York, and Johannesburg - South Africa to get the vz. 58 into television shows and movies.   A couple of highlights:  The vz. 58 Compact was used in the James Bond movies, "Spectre" and "No Time To Die" and in the TV show, "Strike Back."  "Strike Back" is complete vz. 58 porn showing vz. 58 Rifles, vz. 58 Carbines and vz. 58 Compacts.   If you haven't seen "Strike Back", correct yourself immediately and watch it now!! 

Why Samopal?  

Over the years, people would contact me and ask for a variety of services and it was not possible to do this within an importer business model.  An importer has difficulty offering custom work and we always had to decline.  I created Samopal to offer gunsmithing services for two reasons:  1) working on these firearms remain a passion of mine, and 2) it is something needed within the vz. 58 community.  The vz. 58 is an outstanding platform and vz. 58 owners are a select few who understand and appreciate this. Samopal's role is to support vz. 58 owners in ways that have never been offered and I feel fortunate being able to make these services available.  I look forward to working with you!   Sincerely, Dan